MVA – Anglo American

From: Dhulab, Jyoti
Sent: Wednesday, 12 February 2020 12:28
To: Edmundson, Fiona
Subject: Accident – thank you

Dear Fiona

I was involved in a car accident this morning on the corner of Anderson and Simmonds Street. The man skipped the red robot and hit my car, damaging both doors and the back panel. I was in such shock so I called Outsurance quickly. Immediately after that I called Michelle Volny. She immediately called security and the Anglo (Fire) Ops people were at the accident scene, I think two minutes later. They gave me so much support and checked if I was ok. They also protected from the tow vehicle company who wanted to tow my vehicle. I was so confused and in shock, the (Fire) Ops team gave me so much support. The (Fire) Ops team got a member of their team, Jaco, to drive me to the JMPD office to get the JMPD statement. He stayed with me right through until my daughter arrived and until I had spoken to Outsurance to get confirmation of what needed to be done.

I want to firstly thank Michelle for her outstanding service this morning, I called her at 08:15 and she called the security room within the minute. I want to say thank you to the (Fire) Ops department who gave me the best support and care. They were fast, caring and lived by all the Anglo values this morning. Even the JMPD officers asked me who I work for because the (Fire) Ops team really supported me. I also want to thank the security officer (I did not get his name) for being there to assist me in obtaining information from the other driver. I also thank Anglo for the clinic, they checked me and gave me a voltaren injection immediately. I also want to thank Fiona and Michael for checking on me even whilst they are at meetings/training in London.

I am safe thank God, I could have been killed or paralysed. My lower back is in sever pain and spasm, I still feel shocked so I ask if I can please go home early today.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Jyoti Dhulab
Team Assistant | Group Legal