Petrochemical Firefighting
Petrochemical Firefighting

FOSA is comprised of world-class volunteer emergency service personnel with collectively hundreds of man years of experience.

Our firefighters are an intelligent, highly skilled, ethical and professional team of men and women from all walks of life.

We help anyone, anywhere, anytime, responding to any fire and rescue related emergency necessary and we are passionate about safety, education and prevention.

Firefighters are respected members of the community. Being a firefighter provides you with the opportunity to make a real and ongoing difference to your fellow man.

We work in years old trusted teams and are trained to be able to respond to a number of emergency incidents.

Fire and rescue is one of the most rewarding careers available today.

We are always looking for intelligent, fit, healthy and community-minded men and women to join our volunteer teams.

If you are looking for a unique challenge, firefighting could be the career for you.

Make no mistake. It is not a job for everybody. Every firefighter takes a verbal oath to give our lives for that of another.