First Response Residential Building (Johannesburg Metropol Area)

R690.00 ZAR

The fee for a lone-standing residential property is R 600.00 per annum excluding VAT (R 690.00 VAT included).

We deliver a bespoke service to a distinguishing client. FIRE OPS SA acts in the best interest of the subscriber. Fire Ops will bill the subscriber whenever a fire is attended to: the bill is forwarded to the insurer who will cover the costs in full.

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Note: Our service is currently available in the greater Johannesburg City Metropol.

The property owner is responsible for covering all firefighting expenses. The bill should be passed on to his/her insurer as soon as is possible. Membership is intended to guarantee the paid-up member that FOSA will give preference to the member over any other (non-paying) incident FOSA may be engaged in at the time the member requires its attention for an emergency.

This point can’t possibly be over-emphasized: FOSA takes no responsibility for medical or trauma-medical incidents, although it will perform a duty to assist any-one who needs it to prevent loss of limb or life. The paying member needs to per-arrange membership of private ambulance services for this function.

Those who have any category of property, other than lone standing residential can be registered: However, those tariffs will be provided on inquiry only. Click to CONTACT US.

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Individual Buildings

R 600.00 per/annum Single Stand Residential dweilling per unit