Our company requires civilians to join as volunteers in a number of categories.

Although the career path to being a qualified ‘nozzle operator’ is extremely difficult, it is not impossible.

There is space in the operation for just about any civilian who would like to boast our colours.
“It takes a well-developed support network to ensure the nozzle operator’s success in the fire structure”
Interested parties can email a condensed CV to “volunteer (at) fireopssa.co.za

The various categories are:

Firefighting Runners – cold zone
Firefighting – veld fires and wild fires
Fire Ground Ops Medic - Professionally Registered
Rescue Technician - fully qualified
Marketing – professionals able to assist in growing the volunteer corps
Events Management Specialist(s) - events planner/organiser Johannesburg Based
Coordinators – children’s fire ladder competitions
Cooks / Kitchen Assistants for food preparation during extended fire operations
Radio room operators
Data capture's
Website developers / IT Support
Newsletter Editor
Administrators and Clerks
Drone operators (own drone required – aerial photography on scenes)
Ceremonial drill squad / Ceremonial drill squad instructors
‘Pipes & Drums’ band members
Orchestra - Military
Signal Corp Trumpeters & Buglers
Technical crew (4 x 4 and chainsaw operators for heavy rescue assistance)
Dance Instructor - Ballroom

Interested parties can email a condensed CV to “volunteer (at) fireopssa.co.za