Click Here to read more.Fire Operations (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned firefighting operation, active in the Greater Johannesburg jurisdiction.

Our primary activities are: structural firefighting and rescue, in which we are specialists.

We have a sister company which operates in the inner-city where it attends to a very specific corporate client.

The two entities share a CEO, Wynand Engelbrecht, who is also the de facto Fire Chief as well as being the sole director of Fire Operations (Pty) Ltd.

The operation is commonly known as FIRE OPS.

Although we do attend to veld fires from time to time, it is mostly to protect our clients’ assets such as houses, vehicles, etc. against approaching veld fires.

Our clients are paying, subscribing members. We do not have any clients who have ever requested us to cover vacant plots of land or grass lands, therefore the chances are slim for us to ever consider a veld fire to be a priority for response.

Our service footprint is therefore the city stand on which the building stands. This is much the same as the protocol for protection by a security contractor.


Lomina SOS App
Android Version
IOS Version

We prefer subscribing members to use our LominaSOS-(ANDROID) or LominaSOS-(IOS) app when contacting us for a fire.

Registration is a very simple process.
When the app is used it takes less than 60 seconds for the information to reach the crew directly.

The information is shared when we are engaged by prospective users of our service.
Our emergency telephone number is only made available to subscribing members.

Rural Metro.

Collaboration with Rural Metro Emergency Management Services (Pty) Ltd.
Fire Ops SA is proud to announce an agreement reached during September 2021 with Rural Metro EMS.
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ISO 9001:2015

During 2019 we were able to attain this incredible accreditation through the certification body SACAS.

Tactical Firefighting Operations
Consulting on Fire Protection
Contracts and Construction
Events Standby

Smoke Ventilation
Fire detection
Sprinkler Systems
Fire Doors

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What is COVID-19?

For all official information and updates regarding Covid-19 visit the South African Department of Health website at or their WhatsApp line on 0600-123456.